RMS Titanic White Star Lines Luxury Ship - Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle of Titanic Hand Made by MGC Wooden Puzzles for Robert D. Ballard, Founder of the Sunken Titanic in 1985

Titanic Jigsaw Puzzle
made by MGC Custom Jigsaw Puzzles


Custom made for Robert D.Ballard for his return voyage with
National Geographic to the site where RMS Titanic Sank in 1912.

During the Spring of 2004, a colleague of Dr. Robert Ballard commissioned me to make a special puzzle for Dr. Ballard to take onboard ship for his return scientific voyage to Titanic. 

19 years ago on September 1st, 1985, Dr. Ballard made International news for his discovery of the wreckage site of the RMS Titanic on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after it struck an Iceberg and sank on April 15, 1912.  Dr. Ballard's special robotic craft that dove deep beneath the sea was named "Argo" (see figural of Argo diving in front of Titanic in the puzzle to the right.)  It was the famous video footage and photographs from this submersible that brought us amazing images of Titanic from over 2 miles beneath the Atlantic Ocean.

In late May, and Early June of 2004 Dr. Ballard and his crew made a return voyage to Titanic, to study how much more decay happened to the ship in the last 19 years.  Sadly enough, they discovered that thieves had raided the site with other submersibles, and stolen a good number of artifacts, including the Plaque that was left behind 19 years ago, as a tribute to those who lost their lives in the disaster.

The Titanic Jigsaw Puzzle that you see to the right, was given to Dr. Ballard by a colleague Tom Dudchik. The day before dr. Ballard's arrival on the site where Titanic Sank, he spent his afternoon listening to classical music in his Cabin, and solved this jigsaw puzzle while pondering over thoughts of revisiting Titanic.  It's mention is contained in the official Ships Log as Dr. Ballard's activities on the Day of May 30, 2004.

A picture of the exact Titanic jigsaw Puzzle that was given to Dr. Ballard, can also be seen aboard ship during the Journey, in the Book that Bob Ballard and National Geographic just released about the scientific expedition. See Pages 126 & 127 for the two page photo spread.

Hardcover: 192 pages
* Publisher: National Geographic
* Release Date: November 1, 2004
* ISBN: 0792272889
* BOOK Price at Amazon.com = $16.95 (List Price = $24.95)

If you are interested in ordering a CUSTOM Made
Hand Cut Titanic "Wooden" jigsaw puzzle
using this same image seen to the right,
here are 5 sizes that I can offer you.

25-30 Pieces
8" x 12"
75 Pieces
8" x 12"
150 Pieces
8" x 12"
250 Pieces
9" x 13"
500 Pieces
13" x 17"

Note I do not make or sell "Cardboard" Puzzles.


Original Titanic Jigsaw Puzzle Made for Robert Ballard in May, 2004
Enlarge this Titanic Jigsaw Puzzle Picture... Click Here

Titanic Jigsaw Puzzle


This is a Screen Shot of National Geographic's Web site Showing a Photo
of Bob Ballard's Hands working on the Titanic Jigsaw Puzzle in his Cabin.

Titanic Jigsaw Puzzle Picture

Below is a Text segment from the official Ships Log of the
Bob Ballard's expedition back to Titanic with National Gepgraphic.

See YELLOW Highlighted area.

Titanic Jigsaw Puzzle Log Story

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