Custom Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzles
from 3 feet to 7.5 feet Wide or Vertical

Custom Made to Order
100% Hand Cut
the way you want it.

Do you need a custom panormaic puzzle?
, you have found the right place.
I can make fully interlocking panoramic wooden jigsaw puzzles
from your personal panoramic format photos and art

See the "price chart" below for many size options, depending
on how many puzzle pieces you wish to have cut into your puzzle.

Custom Panoramic Puzzles - Personalized Panoramic puzzles

Panoramic photo puzzles personalized using your school class or company group photos.


Custom Panoramic puzzlesCustom Panoramic jigsaw puzzles

Panoramic puzzles custom made to order
Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzles custom made from Artwork and Graphics.

City Skyline Panorama Puzzle maker
Panoramic puzzles of city skylines and landscape photographs

Custom made panoramic puzzles hand crafted from any panoramic image that you send me!


Custom Panoramic
Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

3 Foot Wide
Standard Panoramic
36" Wide / 91 cm
Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzles

4 Foot Wide
Very Large Panoramic
48" / 120 cm
Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzles

75 pieces or less 12" tall = $225
75 pieces or less 18" tall = $250

100 pieces12" tall = $275
100 pieces 18" tall = $275

125 to 400 pieces puzzles
$2.75 PER Puzzle Piece

500 to 1000 piece puzzles
$2.25 PER Puzzle Piece

Looking for puzzles that
are SMALLER than this
size range?
Click Here

100 pieces or less 12" tall = $350
100 pieces or less 18" tall = $375

150 to 400 pieces puzzles
$3.25 PER Puzzle Piece

500 to 900 piece puzzles
$2.75 PER Puzzle Piece

1000 to 1300 piece puzzles
$2.25 PER Puzzle Piece

Vertical Panorama puzzle panoramic* The above prices are based on large panoramic jigsaw puzzles made using enlarged pictures or fine art prints, that you send to me, in their "actual" size for your custom puzzle order. Photographic images "SHOULD" be printed on KODAK, FUJI or ILFORD photographic paper. be sure to check that the KODAK, FUJI or ILFORD marking is on the reverse side of your print. You "can" send us images printed on other lesser quality papers, however we will not stand behind the puzzle if the paper and image peel in a premature way from standard puzzle handling. My puzzles are wonderful works of art in themselves, and not exactly inexpensive. It is worth investing just a few more dollars, and a little extra effort in ensuring that you are sending me an image printed on quality photo paper.

^^ Large puzzles with few pieces are more susceptible to damage because individual puzzle pieces are large and have reasonable weight to them. If dropped, these larger puzzle pieces could dent or damage the image surface. Additionally Image lifting / peeling is much more prevalent in puzzles with very large individual pieces. When a Customer orders these oversized piece puzzles, they accept full responsibility for significant damage as a result of dropping puzzle pieces, and potential image lift that may occur. MGC Puzzles makes these puzzles as a courtesy, but does not take any responsibility if these two events do in fact happen with your puzzle.

*** Additional Fees that "may, or may not", apply to your jigsaw puzzle order, include be the following services.

1) Printing fee for printing DIGITAL IMAGES sent to me via e-mail, FTP, or mailed in on a CD, that need to be printed. The price is $10 per square foot of image area. For clients who wish to print their own image, they are welcome to do so, and then ship me their large photographic paper print. In cases where the customer provides me with the image already printed in the appropriate size for the puzzle, there will obviously be no printing charge.

2) Connecticut residents pay 6.35% CT state Sales tax - All other US states are Tax Free - International orders are not taxed by the USA, however you are responsible for any and all import tariffs placed on your puzzle order from your own country's customs inspection officials. Contact your country's customs officials if this potential import tax is a concern to you.

3) Shipping charges are paid by the customer, and are added to the order total. We Ship UPS and FedEx within in the USA, and US Postal Service Express mail Internationally. In cases where customers provide us with their FedEx (Not UPS or DHL) account number, we are happy to ship them their order on their own account. As a result we will not charge any shipping or handling charges on that order.

4) Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles Some customers want to have their custom made wooden puzzles Magnetized. This is an OPTION available by request only. Depending on the size of the individual pieces in your puzzle, from 1-5 special rare earth magnets will be needed to properly magnetize your puzzle. For prices on this magnetizing feature, please click HERE

5) The cost of the art print if you are selecting an image from my online fine art gallery.

Do you need your order completed in a RUSH?
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Puzzle Cut Style

Large Size / Child Size
Puzzle Cut Style

Jumbo / Giant
Puzzle Cut Style


Puzzle Cut Style

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Made in the USA
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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

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Custom made Panoramic photo jigsaw puzzles
Custom made Panoramic puzzles
Custom made Panoramic picture puzzles
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Custom made Panoramic jigsaw puzzles

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Large Panoramic photo puzzles
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Giant Panoramic photo puzzles
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Giant Panoramic jigsaw puzzles

Big Panoramic photo puzzles
Big Panoramic photo jigsaw puzzles
Big Panoramic puzzles
Big Panoramic picture puzzles
Big Panoramic picture jigsaw puzzles
Big Panoramic graphic puzzles
Big Panoramic jigsaw puzzles

2500 3500 4500 5000 1,500 pieces 1,750 1,250 2,500 pieces 3,500 4,500 5,000 pieces 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 1,250 pieces


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